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New Build Developments

You probably have dreamt countless times about what your new home will look like, if you are contemplating to build a new house. You want every little detail to be perfect and reflect your
unique style beautifully. To achieve that you need help of experts in different areas within construction such as architects, interior designers and experienced contractor. Not to mention,
provision of a safe and sound design is the primary factor in the success of any structural project.

Therefore the choice of the structural engineers lay the foundation of a successful and smooth running project. We aim to ensure design of long lasting structures and deliver offers to meet your
specific and individual requirements using a variety of building material such as; concrete, masonry, steel and timber.


New Build Developments

Beam Calculations

Structural Design involves analysis and design of mainly steel, concrete and timber for usage in different type of structures. Beam calculation is one of the most vital and common part of structural design which is imperative for almost all structural projects

New Build Developments

Solar Panel / Green Roof Calculations

If you are interested in installing solar panels or to have green roof on your existing structure, a structure engineer has to check suitability of the existing roof. The additional load has to be applied and the structure to be strengthened if needed. Any new build requiring installation of solar panel or green roof need to be designed for specific loading to meet the required weight at the design stage.